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Who we are 

A high skilled team at your service to develop your solutions.

Taipro Engineering stands for " Tailored microsystems improving your Product "

Since 2009, Taipro Engineering performs high added value electronic and microelectronic projects.

Our mission is to help you in your projects from your idea to production.

Unique in western Europe thanks to our complementary combination of Design and Production competencies which allow us to be your best suited one stop shop partner to innovate and push the limits of your development much further than any traditional project.


Business Model


Our Team

Michel Saint-Mard
Managing Director
Electromechanical engineer
Administrator & Co-founder
Board member of IMAPS Benelux
Vice president of IDES Group 
"My way of life: Innovations, challenges, teamwork and partnership"
Fabrice Haudry
Project Manager R&D
Electronic engineer - Design expert
Administrator & Co-founder
"We never stop learning,
each project provides lessons
and experiences which
extend our knowledge"
Bruno Heusdens
Production Manager
Electronic engineer & Packaging expert
"Always in touch with our
partners and aware of their needs
in order to continuously improve"
Thibault Lioret
Sales Manager 

"Awareness, involvement and reactivity"
Thibault Malay 
Research Engineer
Electronic Engineer

"Every challenge provides an opportunity"
Photo Taipro.jpeg
Loïc Lahaye

"The harder I work the
luckier I get
Alexis Kozlowski
Embedded System Engineer
Electronic Engineer

"Every problem is an opportunity in disguise"
J. Adams  
Pict V VDB_edited.jpg
Véronique Van Den Broucke
Administrative Assistant 

"Always look on the bright side of life!"
Michael Addai

"Pleasure in the job puts
perfection in the work"
MicrosoftTeams-image (1)_edited.jpg
Adrien Hertay 
Research Engineer
Electronic Engineer

"If you can't find any solution, change your perspective"
Nathalie Delgoffe

"There's strength in unity, and when there's teamwork and
collaboration, wonderful things can be a
Maximilien Thibaut de Maisières

"Problems aren't a problem anymore when you're passionate enough to love solving them"

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Heavy Industries



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We are looking for new talents to join our team


Hardware Design Engineer

In order to develop its activities and maintain its quality, the company is looking for a Hardware Design Engineer with a Master Degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering.

The selected candidate will take part, as a team member, in conception, design and implementation of hardware systems in various domains.

Additional skills requested:

  • Passion for innovation

  • Good French : speaking & writing

  • Good English : speaking & writing

  • Team spirit

Technician in semiconductors assembly:

In order to develop its production activities, the company is looking for a technician (M/F) with good knowledge in semiconductor assembly techniques.

​The selected candidate will take part, as a team member, in process development and production implementation within a clean room environment. The ideal candidate will have experience on the following techniques:

  • Wire bonding

  • Die attach and placement

  • Encapsulation

Additional skills requested:

  • English : speaking & writing

  • Team spirit

  • Motivated

  • Passion for innovation


Business & Marketing Coordinator (BMC)

As a BMC, your responsibility, is to ensure the marketing of the company and that all the business activities are performed properly.

Your key responsibilities:

  • Business development and marketing support.
    Follow-up: exposition/ booth selection, delivery notes, 
    quotes, customer orders, contract amendments

  • Technical tasks description and follow-up:
    planning, billing time, project efficiency, action plan, prioritisation of tasks, ...

  • Customer key contact:
    o Email dispatching, Emailing, follow-up
    o Quality:  feuille de route for production staff,
    non-conformity, Derogation.

  • Supplier purchase orders follow up:
    orders and logistics, stock management

Your profile :

  • You have at least 5 years of experience in BMC

  • You are fluent in French and English

  • You have a well-developed team spirit

  • You have a passion for technics & innovation

  • You are a structured, rigorous person who knows how to integrate quality processes

  • You are an empathic, enthusiastic, proactive and positive person

  • You are able to travel

We offer :

  • A full time contract

  • A challenging and diversified position within a very innovative electronics company.

  • To work in a human size, dynamic, respectful and professional environment.

  • Learning and development opportunities.

  • An attractive compensation package in line with the position responsibilities

Send us your resume

If you would like to apply for a job offer or give a spontaneous application, please send us your resume and your cover letter in English via email
or to the adress bellow:

Human Resources Dpt.

Taipro Engineering S.A

151 Rue Des Ormes 

BE 4800 Lambermont

How to apply for BMC ?

If you are interested in this challenging opportunity,
please address your application

(CV and short motivation text, both in English) to

with the BMC100723 as a reference.

Remark: Only selected candidates will be contacted.

TAIPRO ENGINEERING is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to providing a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. We do not discriminate on the grounds of religion, colour, origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, parental status, political affiliation or any other status. 



SMARTEC proposes to raise a unique Power-RF nanoelectronics innovation from TRL6 to TRL8, that will radically transform future transceiver RF-power modules (TRX) and to produce them through a dedicated pilot line. These novel TRX of enhanced performance, smaller size and lower manufacturing cost will be core components of new products, addressing several segments of the RF-power market. SMARTEC paves the way to its stakeholders to access new markets and/or help them sustain their positioning in their industry rivalry, as well as increase their market shares. Moreover, SMARTEC will create new value propositions to several other markets (airliners, airports, air & sea vessel manufacturers, tour operators, etc.), as well as to several customer & social groups (passengers, tourists, ecologists & government bodies). The proposed pilot line will fill a gap in the European landscape of power RF manufactures and help European firms using power RF front ends compete global players. Industry faces 2 challenges: (A) In general, upcoming power RF front end markets (e.g. commercial radars, backhaul, SATCOM) demand more and more higher power levels, higher frequencies, the ability to sustain power-ups, and all at smaller size and lower cost. (B) Two specific “RF-Power Systems-based industry”, those of Avionics and Maritime, are about to face an obligatory adaption to new or updated strict EU regulations (RECAT EU3 & COLREGS), regarding, Airport and maritime Safety. The proposed coplanar monolithic GaN MMICs and RF MEMS (only available by TRT and FORTH) product is addressing simultaneously all aforementioned industry problems, while all other competing technologies (commercially available or not) offer partial solutions. Furthermore, the simplified SMARTEC fabrication process alleviates back-end production steps thus lowering cost by 25% which for mass applications (e.g. 5G) can prove the key winning factor.

The project “Novel 3D heterogeneous integration for future miniaturized power RF Transceiver

front ends” (POWERPACK) will develop disruptive technologies for miniaturised RF chips for

high frequency and high-power operation, and will focus on miniaturisation and 3D integration.

The outcome will be a reduction in transmission losses, and will result in two demonstrators.

These demonstrators will operate in the X-Band and in the Ka-Band. The devices will allow for

integration in platforms where the components will need to ever be smaller and lighter.

Powerpack description

The project “Smart, Heterogeneous Technological Platform Extending the Power and

Frequency Limits of Flexible Nanoelectronics” (POWERFLEX) proposes a disruptive solution

for high power and frequency conformal antennae based on novel flexible GaN power

amplifier, Carbon nano-tube based low noise amplifier and flexible RFMEMS technologies and

their 2D monolithic integration.

Powerflex description

New communications and radar systems require small and tunable high-frequency devices, since their backbone is the Internet-of- Things (IoT). The need for ultrafast, low-energy-consumption information processing of an exponentially increasing data volume will lead to a global mobile traffic reaching 4394 EB by 2030, thus starting the 6G era (data rate up to 1 Tb/s) of an “ubiquitous virtual existence”. In today’s wireless applications, radar sensors play one of the major roles. Due to the increased need for higher sensitivity and non-destructive inspection systems, the frequency of the radar sensors has reached up to 300GHz on silicon-based technologies. On the other side, 60GHz radar sensing is considered one of the main products for smart home, non-destructive material classification, monitoring vital signals, and all the IoT application that need micro-motion detection. The market penetration for these sensors is now hampered by (i) the limited antenna performance (mainly for the 300GHz case) and (ii) the frequency selectivity and tunability (mainly for the 60GHz case). SMARTWAY proposes novel architectures based on new paradigms that exhibit a significant decrease in energy consumption while improving on speed/performance and miniaturization. The disruptive nature of the targeted approach relies on a progress towards the wafer-scale integration of two-dimensional (2D) materials, metamaterials (MMs), and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) into radar sensor suitable for IoT sensing applications at both millimetre-waves (i.e., 24–60GHz) and THz frequencies (i.e., 240–300GHz). The final outcomes of the project will be two demonstrators, apt to provide industry compatible solutions for radar sensor technologies. For the first time, the nanotechnological paradigms “2D materials” and “CNTs” will be harmonized with the MM concept, thus producing brand-new designs of large-scale complete systems with emphasis on compatibility and integration of different materials/technologies.

Smartway description

In the modern world everything goes wireless and everyone goes mobile. To sustain this trend, higher frequency, smaller, more complex analogue electronics with beam steering capabilities are becoming ubiquitous. SMARTWAVE capitalizes on a newly identified technology combination to reinvent, design, fabricate and commercialize the main building block of any beam steering capable system, the phase shifter. A novel phase shifting mechanism based on reconfigurable metamaterials promises to enable phase shifting technology with excellent performance characteristics, increased speed and reduced power consumption. SMARTWAVE technology is easily implemented in existing semiconductor fabrication lines and is inherently compatible with both III-V as well as Si and SiGe fabrication process. This ensures easy adoption of the novel idea into existing markets. To prove this, SMARTWAVE aims at demonstrating the phase shifting prototype in both technological platforms building a III-V based, K-band version to be included in a demonstrator phase array antenna for Satcomm and / or Radar applications as well as an advanced radar chipset fabricated in SiGe BiCMOS technology operating at 120GHz. SMARTWAVE capitalizes on that technology and an agile consortium made of 1 large company, 3 SME’s with unique high tech knowledge and an academic partner with extensive III-V fabrication experience in radar modules to provide a fast track to commercialization from the design board all the way to Radar and Satcomm systems.

Smartwave description

The library of 2D materials is growing at a rapid rate driven by the potential extraordinary electronic applications that they can offer. In parallel, terahertz (THz) technologies has continued to draw a great interest due to the many applications that it can have a profound impact in but has continuously been hindered due to the low power and wide scale applicability of current THz source technologies. THz surface plasmonics is coming in to the forefront as an area which can bridge these two emerging technologies and allow the necessary breakthrough that is needed in the so called THz source gap region of 0.5 – 3 THz. In this project the goal is to develop architectures which can efficiently amplify THz waves based on surface plasmons in 2D materials. The fundamental attributes that underline this approach resides in the interaction between THz radiation and electrically driven surface plasmons which provides amplification through an exchange of energy and momentum limited only by the properties of the gain medium. Thus the limits of the amplification are governed by limits to the electrical excitation of surface plasmons and how well these surface plasmons couple to the THz radiation. By utilizing novel 2D materials with extraordinary electrical properties based on Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs) and Transition Metal Monochalcogenides (TMMs) as well as traditional carbon based materials such as graphene we plan to stretch these limits and achieve ground breaking results in terms of amplification and gain by incorporating the developed amplifiers into existing state-of-the-art Silicon – Germanium hetero junction bipolar (HBT) based THz arrays. In the consortium led by THALES, leading experts from advanced research institutes, SMEs and universities which specialize in growth and modelling of 2D Materials as well as THz source development and characterization have come together to achieve such a ground-breaking vision.

Plasnano description



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  • Bruno Heusdens, Speaker. "Back-end and thermal management". IMAPS Benelux Heat Management in Microelectronics Systems, Jan. 24, 2014, Gent, Belgium.



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