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Taipro Engineering welcomes Texas A&M students

Taipro Engineering has opened its doors to students from Texas A&M University. This initiative aims to find rare talent among these American students. The collaboration has been running for 3 years with Texas A&M and allows students to experience a unique and innovative environment in Lambermont, Belgium.

Michel Saint-Mard, CEO and founder of Taipro, highlights the challenge of finding local engineering talent in Belgium. Texas A&M University, the largest engineering university in the United States, sends interns annually to benefit from TaiPro's expertise.

The students, staying in Louvain-La-Neuve, find this experience highly enriching.

As TaiPro celebrates its 15th anniversary, it continues to grow. Today, the company produces 50,000 pieces annually, compared to 50-100 pieces in 2010, showcasing its remarkable progress in the industry.


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